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Python for Beginners!

Python for Beginners!

Comprehensively learn basic concepts of Python

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·Oct 12, 2021·

3 min read

Python is one of the most popular programming languages today due to its ease of use and clarity💯. Now is the moment to move to python and take advantage of the limitless possibilities that python programming offers. This blog on python Programming Foundations will teach you the fundamentals and basic principles of python programming👩🏻‍💻👨🏻‍💻.

Features of python:-

python features

Characteristics of python:-

python characteristics

Getting started with python:-

python basics

We have covered the basics of python. We know you want to learn more, right🤩? Yep! You can learn every concept of python in detail from the python course, which is a blend of theory, practicals, and projects.

Let us understand the differences between different data structures in python (To learn about Data Structures, please check out our post here ) :-

python data structures ds

We need to understand object-oriented programming to make the best out of python along with data structures. In fact, OOP is your friend when you want to solve complex programming challenges. Object-oriented programming allows us to pack📦 data and functionality together while keeping the details hidden. As a result, coding with OOPs is flexible, modular, and abstract, making it particularly useful to create more extensive programs.

OOPs concepts in python:-

oops python

Advantages of the OOPs concepts:-

oops benefits

All the oops concepts in python in single code:-

#class - encapsulation
class Parent_class_name:
    class_attri = "i belong to class" #class attribute

    def __init__(self): #constructor
        self.attri_1 = "initialized with declaration of obj" #object attribute
        self.attri_2 = "i represent state/property of object" #object attribute

    def method(self, name):
        print("i belong to the object", name)

    def poly_method(self, var1, var2, var3 = 0):

#child class - inheritance
class Child_class_name(Parent_class_name):

    def __init__(self):
        self.attri_1 = "reinitializes in Child class"
        print("child attribute",self.attri_1,"parent attribute",Parent_class_name.class_attri)

#initialize object
Parent_class_obj = Parent_class_name()

#child class object 
Child_class_obj = Child_class_name()


from abc import ABC, abstractmethod
class abstract_class(ABC):

    def abs_method(self):

class inherit_abs(abstract_class):
    #should define abstract method in subclass
    def abs_method(self):
        print("In inherited class of abstract class")

#can not create object for abstract class (error)
#abstract_obj = abstract_class()

abstract_sub_obj = inherit_abs()

Great! Learning OOPs makes a lot of difference.

Learn Python

Kick-start your programming journey with AI Probably's a FREE 3-hour crash course on Python for beginners - Enroll now

python course

This course is beginner-friendly and provides a hands-on learning experience with python💯. It introduces fundamental programming concepts like functions, loops, built-in data types, and Object-Oriented programming. We will also go through the fundamentals of building a program in python from a set of simple instructions- step by step📑. Not just that, we also provide two fun and unique Python projects​​👨‍💻​.
Do not miss the opportunity🤩. See you there!

Why python? Python is one of the trending programming languages, and it is designed to be used in a range of web frameworks and applications as shown:-

python uses

We hope you have happy learning from this article🤗. For learning about a Python full-stack framework, check out our article on Django. Watch out for more helpful content with us through social media. Keep learning🥳!!!

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